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Exploring Northern Ethiopia in Photos…

Been really busy the last few months and haven’t gotten around to writing any new blog entries. Sorry!

I just got back from an incredible two-week trip traveling in northern Ethiopia with my brother. From Addis Ababa, we headed north to Bahir Dar and Lake Tana, home of hippos and fascinating island monasteries. Next we caught a bus to Gonder, nicknamed “The Camelot of Africa” because of its Royal Enclosure, a series of Scottish-esque castles built by Emperor Fasilides in the 1600’s. Finally, we got a flight to Lalibela, home to Bete Giyorgis (Amharic for the Church of St. George) – a magnificent sunken church carved out of rock in the 13th century and renowned as the 8th wonder of the world.

This was my fourth visit to Ethiopia, and it really reconfirmed in me that Ethiopia is my favorite country I have ever traveled to. Friendly people, unbelievable landscapes and ancient ruins, and delicious food all make it a great place. I am still figuring out my plans for next year, but am focusing my job search on positions based in Addis Ababa – I would love to be located in Ethiopia’s prosperous capital and learn some Amharic along the way.

Until next time, enjoy the photos!

The shores of Lake Tana in Bahir Dar

The wall paintings inside Ura Kidane Mehret, an island monastery on Lake Tana

The landscape on the path to Tis Abay, the Blue Nile Falls

Tis Abay - Amharic for "smoking water". The Blue Nile Falls were much more impressive before the Ethiopian government dammed the Nile for hydroelectric power

"The Camelot of Africa" - castle built by Emperor Fasilides in the 1600s inside the Royal Enclosure in Gonder

Ethiopian sky

Stone-carved pillars of Bete Medhane Alem in Lalibela, the largest monolithic church in the world

Our guide inside one of Lalibela's rock-hewn churches

Bete Giyorgis, Amharic for the Church of St. George - the 8th wonder of the world. Just unbelievable...

An Ethiopian Orthodox priest entering Bete Medhane Alem

Tired after a full day of visiting Lalibela's churches, with a beautiful view of the valley below

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