It has been nearly 2 years since I finished teaching at Abaarso School, and our students have gone on to receive numerous scholarships and acceptances to elite boarding schools and universities in the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. We now have students attending M.I.T., Oberlin, the African Leadership Academy, and Georgetown, among many others. Immense accomplishments that our students (and staff) should be very proud of!

To keep updated on Abaarso’s news, check out the school’s Facebook or Twitter page.

As for me, I’ve since left the Horn of Africa, switched careers, and have moved to Southeast Asia. I still come back to this blog every once in awhile, and have read with great interest the comments left by various visitors.

Sadly, I was recently informed that one of my old posts (since deleted) on my students’ interpretations of Sharia law had been misquoted by a Somali online forum, which argued that I was highly critical of Islam and Sharia law. This is certainly not the case, and hopefully the posts I documented during my year in the Horn showed what a remarkable and eye-opening experience it was for me. I learned a lot from my time spent in Somaliland, and left with a greater sense of knowledge and understanding of both Somali culture and Islam. As a disclaimer, I’d like to add that any posts on this blog are my own views and do not represent the mission or objectives of Abaarso School, its students, or its staff.

I look forward to hearing more inspiring news from Abaarso and am forever grateful for the incredible year I spent in Somaliland with such motivated and talented students.

Xasuusnow ay ku bilaabmatay

“Remember where it all started”


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