The Inaugural Post (from East London)

This blog aims to provide stories, photos, and anecdotes from the upcoming year I’ll spend in Somaliland. I’m writing this first post from my brother’s flat in Hackney and my departure to Africa is still three weeks away, but I just want to make sure that I figure out the ins-&-outs of blogging now. Transitioning to a new lifestyle on a new continent will be hectic enough, so hopefully I will be able to simply sit down and type once I’m there and not have to worry about formatting and layout.

Before I arrive in Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland, I’ll be spending some time in Istanbul, Dubai, and a brief two hours in Djibouti. Perhaps I’ll write something about my experiences there.


4 thoughts on “The Inaugural Post (from East London)

  1. Kerstin Helbing says:

    John, what an adventure… Who would have thought that you might go into teaching? You will be a great teacher. Thanks for including me in your blog. I will follow you along by reading your posts. Stay safe, Frau Helbing

  2. gay will says:

    You have taken going on an adventure to another level… seems like a hell of an experience. Teacher juancobar, wow what a thought. Give us updates when you can and stay safe!

  3. liban says:

    That s a huge initiative to take and a great bravour from your side … Hope one day this peaceful country will be recognized by the world as a separated from somalia …

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